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Accept every digital payment and also run your business smoothly from one single device.

Daily Cost Just from ₹ 0 to ₹ 35*

Helping Pharmacies, to track pandemic impacts!

Governments are in need to track infected people during the pandemics. Anekam mPOS App can help pharmacies, hospitals and clinics to capture the information of people impacted due to pandemic and the medicines being used. This proactive step is being taken by Governments to control the pandemics spread. The Karnataka Government endorsed and instructed all pharmacies to use Anekam mPOS App for this purpose.

Download the App on your Mobile for free and start Using it Instantly

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3. Create Business Profile

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5. Start Selling

6. View Sales & Reports

What is Anekam?

Anekam is a popular Sanskrit word, which means “many”. As the name says, our goal is to serve many industries by empowering them to accept various payment types including digital and contactless payments.

Anekam has great benefits and it provides many packages to empower merchants. Our vision is to provide a very simple and cost effective payment solutions for every merchant.

One Integrated Device to run Business with low Cost and to offer Digital, Contactless Payments

Over 5,000 merchants use Anekam mPOS App for free.

Accept various digital payments (except card payments) using Anekam mPOS App on your phone. No other device is required.

Note: To accept Credit or Debit card payments, you require our Android POS device. Contact us to get a device.

Location centric solution

Based on the type and nature of the business, Anekam provides suitable solutions to accept payments. We cover the below business types.

At Store

Anekam mPOS device and Apps are perfect to run your business with low cost and more profits. If you wish to run your business with limited payment options, download our App and start using it now. Contact us today to get our device and accept card payments at the store.

Call-in Orders

Our software allows businesses to take the call-in orders and save the orders in the same way as at-store or online orders. This way, businesses can track orders, payments and reports at one place.

Call-in Orders

On the Go

If your business has the need to take payments on the go, then our Android POS device is the perfect solution. You can take payments at customers’ home or during an event or at any temporary stall. Good for neighborhood stores, delivery companies, home based services etc., Contact us today to get a device.


If you sell online or deliver goods or create invoices for your clients to pay, then you are covered with our online payment solutions. Download our App or signup to our web based portal to get these done. Good for eCommerce, Hotels, Service Providers etc.,


Medical Stores Can Help to Reduce Covid-19 Cases by Using Anekam App

Indian State Governments are requesting pharmacies and medical stores to keep a record of people buying medicines for cold, fever, sore throat, cough etc., This proactive step is being taken by States to avoid and/or control Covid-19 cases. Anekam can be used to track all sales digitally and share the data with States easily. See below video how it can be done.


Payment Methods

Merchants or businesses has the ability to take the payments using any of the following methods. Take payments at your store or by sending a payment link.


Any debit or credit cards are accepted. Domestic and International cards of Visa, Mastercard, Amex and RuPay are accepted.


In spite of digital movement, many customers pay using cash. Our system allow merchants to record all cash transactions.


Paytm, PayU, Jio, MobiKwik etc., can be accepted and recorded in our system.


BHIM, BharatQR, Google Pay, Amazon Pay etc., can be accepted and recorded in our system.


Customers can pay using NEFT/ RTGS method. This is useful for schools, hospitals, accountants etc.,


Send an eInvoice as SMS or email link to the customers for them to pay using any of these methods. Reminders will be sent until customer pays them eInvoice.

ezimart is reaping benefits by
processing their sales quickly
using anekam Android POS systems in their on-the-go grocery business.

ezimart is reaping benefits by
processing their sales quickly using anekam
Android POS systems in their on-the-go grocery business.



Venkat Nallapati

Managing Director

Anuraag S.

Chief Marketing Officer

Nishit Gardi

Chief Operations Officer

Hima Prasad

VP – Sales & Marketing

Bose Nallapati

VP – Sales & Marketing

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Purchase the device and software at the lowest price with minimum instalments. Download the App for FREE today and start enjoying all the above features.

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